Friday, October 14, 2011

Ekaterina Guseva-Russian Model

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Well, to the point now. Russian women are known for their beauty, among other things. So, I've decided to make a series of 10 pages about the 10 most beautiful Russian stars not widely known outside the country.
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I'll start the series with Ekaterina Guseva, who definitely is one of the Russia's most beautiful women.
Ekaterina Guseva - Images, Wallpapers, Video, Screensaver:
The complete gallery with images, wallpapers, ice show video and a screensaver is in the Ekaterina Guseva Gallery Page.
Some facts:
  • She was born in Moscow on July 9, 1976.
  • Studied at the Schukin Theater School (quite famous in Russia and the former Soviet Union).
  • Ekaterina Guseva was the first actress invited to the Big musical Gala festival in Norway. She is presently performing in the troupe of the Mossovet theater ("The Dance Teacher" play).
  • She is a professional singer and acrobat (she performs the "Disturbed Heart" act at a 15 meter height without safety wires).
  • Chroicled into the Russian book of records for singing on the street during a 40-degree-below-celsius frost (happened during an expedition to the North Pole :) ).
  • Nominated to the "Best woman's role" for the Nord-Ost musicle on the "Golden Mask" theater awards ceremony.

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